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Crew Services

With vast experience in accounting for yacht operations and crew payroll, YachtSova Crew Payroll provides a streamlined, hassle-free payroll, contracts, and health insurance operation for yacht owners around the world.

YachtSova Crew Payroll’s financial services emphasize superior, personalized attention to each yacht’s needs. This attention to detail, level of industry knowledge, and professionalism is what makes the YachtSova’s financial team the utmost in the yachting world. To create the ultimate yachting experience and leave the details to us, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

crew services

Overview of Payroll

Crew Contracts

YachtSova encourages all of it’s payroll clients to use contracts when employing crew in order to set clear terms of employment. YachtSova can assist in the drafting and administration of seafarers employment contracts (SEA’s) for the crew onboard the vessel.

Healthcare Administration

Payment for healthcare can be combined with that for salaries in order to further reduce the amount of administration work for the owner and captain. Continuing in crew administration we can setup healthcare for each crew member on the vessel and as new are hired.

Monthly Pay Stubs

After a payment is made to a crew member a pay stub is generated and available online. The paystubs provide all necessary information to a crew about monthly salary, tax deductions and other credits or debits from the employer. With regular pay stubs sent to crew members, it provides proper clarity between employer and employee.

Multiple Payment Options for Crew

With a collection of crew from multiple nationalities and backgrounds, not all crew can be paid the same way. YachtSova offers four different payment methods to crew including: ACH, International Wire, Direct Deposit, or a printed check.