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Vika was born in the Ukraine…a long way from mega yachts, charter boats and adventures on the high seas. She spent her childhood flying through the air under her own power as a budding ballerina. But Vika was born with the wanderlust gene. She left her birth country and her insatiable quest for travel has reached all corners of the earth.

Vika wasn’t born with the means to subsidize her hunger for visiting the unknown, learning about new cultures and enjoying the beauty of the journey. So, she got a job on a world class mega yacht as a stewardess. She worked for five years studying the intricacies of the maintenance of the interior of the yacht with five- star service including flawless silver service with unforgettable cuisine. She also spent time on the exterior and shared duties with the deck crew in the effort to understand all aspects of yachting. She stood watches on crossings to help reach the destination and she assisted in the planning of great Guest and Owner adventures by finding unusual places to visit, orchestrating romantic renewal of vows, searching out the absolute best restaurants and creating Guest and Owner memories that would last a lifetime. She was in for the whole experience…

Vika has filled her life with expeditions and learning experiences from climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to scuba and free diving to the depths of the magnificent Caribbean Sea. She has performed an exquisite pirouette in an underground ice glacier tunnel in Iceland and was the model on a mega yacht brochure in the Mediterranean. She has been there, done that and understands the process and the satisfaction of life changing adventures. The budding ballerina now experiences life in full bloom.

Drawing from all her journeys, she believes that the mega yacht vacation is the best. She knows the crystal clear blue waters soothe your body and your soul during the journey and the destinations are ever changing with the vision of the traveler through the expert loving professional care and a “no problems only solutions” attitude of a world class crew. Now, Vika would like to share her knowledge and love of shimmering waters, fascinating cities, the finest cuisine and the wonderful expressions of joy and peace that she has found in yachting.

Introducing YachtSova … powered by Victoriya Shevtsova…a premier charter broker in the Ukraine and in the world! Sova means owl in many languages. In all cultures, the owl is synonymous with wisdom. The northern Saw-whet owls can fly long distances over large bodies of water. Vika has journeyed thousands and thousands of miles over land and sea in the process of developing the unique ability to feel and assess the energy that travelers need in their lives and the wisdom to help them with their journey. Victoriya Shevtsova is successful because she possesses that energy and wisdom within herself. It is her birthright…YACHTSOVA